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Dicey Dungeons: Christmas Special 2  is the second part of Dicey Dungeons: Christmas Special, a fanmade collab mod akin to Halloween Special featuring a brand-new gimmick episode for all 6 characters - and rumor has it you can even play as a diceified Lady Luck. Maybe even someone else..?



This mod is for if you have already played the 1st episodes or just want to skip them altogether.

This is ONLY the second part -  if you'd like to play the 1st and 2nd episodes in the same mod, you can download the full mod here: https://matty707.itch.io/christmas-special


15 new enemies, a new remix soundtrack by XAngelMoonX, and a mix of original items and items gifted from various mods await you in the dungeons!

Project lead by Matt101, creator of the "Indeed" mod. Itch page designed by Matt101 and Dee. In-game art by Mondaybear21, and title screen/credits art (including the picture to the right!) by Hinata.

Note: due to a base game bug, Lady Luck and Mariah must be selected using the arrows on the character select screen, rather than by clicking on their icons.

Mods Represented

ncrmod, by Wibi

More Fluff, by Jack "Jackeea" Udale

The Grab Bag, by XenonZed

Reference Stuff, by Neypah_Tit

AAAA Mod, by Dummy

Indeed, by Matt101

Yet More Episodes, by Not Mario (Warrior cameo items)

UnfriendlyMod, by Dee

Keymaster's Revenge and Keymaster's Reunion, by Tonite

Reunion, by Terry Cavanagh

Full OST by XAngelMoonX

How to Install

  1. Download the christmasspecial.zip file below and unzip it in your Dicey Dungeons/mods folder.
  2. Launch the mod from Dicey Dungeon's title screen by pressing Escape, clicking on "Mods" in the top left, selecting the christmasspecial mod and then clicking "Load Mod(s)".

Additional Install Notes

  1.  If you're playing Dicey Dungeons on Steam, the game folder can be found by right clicking on Dicey Dungeons and clicking on Properties... > Local Files > Browse Local Files...
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